Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Continuation of Citizenship in School...

Sorry I missed class today! I think I need a "mental health" morning, I just could not get out of bed; I was run down from a long week/weekend. As soon as I got up and had energy I was very bummed that I missed class : (.
     Anyway, I have been thinking nonstop about this last reading and had a few more things to share, hope you enjoy!
                                           This movie is AMAZING!! It made me laugh and cry and is truly an inspiration. I highly recommend watching it, it is based on a true story and is just great!
                                                                     This second video is one of two parts. I posted it quick but have to watch it myself. My sister, who has years of experience working with people with "disabilities", recommended I watch this documentary when discussing this weeks topic!

              The last thing I was trying to find was a video I saw on tv a long time ago. This video was about Jenny Mcarthy's son who has autism. I found it amazing because it showed how she changed his diet and did research on how he can learn. When her son wouldn't do simple things like play with his trucks or catch a ball, she discovered he learned by actually seeing these activities be done. So, with this knowledge she and a friend would video tape themselves tossing a ball back and forth, etc and then let he son watch it. After watching it he would understand and now participate in the activity. When looking for this footage all I could find was her advocating against vaccines that she believes causes autism.

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